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About Us

AAVRAN provides professional services in Architecture, Interior Design & Furniture Design. AAVRAN was founded by Mr. Minesh Shah more than 20 years ago. Today, AAVRAN comprises of a huge family of people. Past so many years in this field, AAVRAN has served satisfactorily in various types of works like Renovations, Interiors, Furniture and architecture. This was started with some small scaled job works, then slowly and gradually the AAVRAN family got bigger & bigger. We majorly believe in team work. If you have master of all types of brains, one can easily work with assurance & quality. The AAVRAN family consists of many skilled & competent professionals in almost all the fields related to construction. And many of them are associated since quiet a long time now. We call it a family because, in this long journey of the company the people associated with it has been there always like a family member in all the ups & downs of the company and has contributed in reaching heights. Above all, the company has gained immense credit & love from the clients past years, and it's a pleasure to say today that the clients or the people associated with the company has shown great trust & acknowledgment which in itself is a great achievement. "Quality is never an accident. It is a result of a shear hard work & a great team spirit" PHILOSOPHY The Company's overall Philosophy is rooted as following: ·         Despite the size of the project, whether it is small or big, the company gives equal dedication to each and every piece of work, along with the assured quality which has won the hearts of many past years. ·         Team management is the core of AAVRAN. We believe that the quality & assurance is achieved only when there is a proper co-ordinated team management. ·         The most important thing is the Client satisfaction. We always try to make our clients happy who so ever the person is, by fulfilling & understanding his requirements. We get completely involved with frequent visits with the client for knowing the person, so that we can design according the clients tastes & likings. We work with proper dedication with the clients. ·         Practical approach at each and every level is the specialty of the company. To suit our design we never make unpractical decisions which can make our clients unhappy. We try to make our clients more than happy with great involvement in each and every being. ·         Quality is a heart of AAVRAN. Whatever the budget is of a client, we assure them serving the best quality work at each and every level. We work hard till the satisfied quality of work achieved, which makes our designs look beautiful.  

2 Reviews

Review by Anjali Akhoury
great wrk.

Review by Anjali Akhoury
Minesh i really like all your projects specially the Club House.

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