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  • Anshu Karamchandani

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  • Absolute Interiors

  • Pune


Anshu Karamchandani has been in the profession of creating beautiful and functional home and work spaces in Pune since 2008. She believes in finding innovative solutions to the unique challenges presented by each site in a way that is a perfect combination of the client’s wishes and her own creativity. With Absolute Interiors, Anshu wishes to focus on creating comfortable and beautiful living spaces that are moulded around the clients’ lifestyle. Before starting work on a project, Anshu makes it a point to meet the entire family and to learn their ideas about the personal and shared spaces within the residence. She believes that homes should match personality of the people living in them. She likes to create residences that complement and enhance the clients’ lifestyle by taking into account their personal choices. Anshu’s working style is a perfect blend of professional and personal. On the one hand, she personally oversees every project to ensure that the project stays within the budget requirements. On the other hand, she has a friendly and engaging approach towards designing that enables her to build a lifelong relationship with her clients’ family. They stay in touch with her and she with them long after the project gets over. She often gets invited by her clients to family functions and events. When she does meet them, she loves to hear their feedback and listen to stories about the family that lives in the cozy and beautiful space she has helped create for them.

2 Reviews

Review by Sunil Kumar
The Professionalism shows in your projects. Good work.

Review by Sunil Kumar
awesome interiors.

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