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All You Need To Know About Modern Interior Design

There are a number of different decor styles. These include contemporary, traditional, minimalists etc. One of the interior design styles which lures number of people is the Modern Interior design.Modern interior designs mean path breaking new designs which have appeal and charisma.

Now for the characteristics of modern interior design!

1. Forms and surfaces:

When it comes to modern interior design the focus of Home Interior Designers in Delhi and other major cities in India is on clean, sleek and straight lines. There is no room for complex shapes, curves or heavy ornamental design elements. The core of modern interior designs lie in the simplicity of design highlighted with open spaces.

2. Less is More Theory:

With modern interiors one of the foremost characteristics is the theory of “Less is More” which focuses on minimalism in terms of designing. This means no use of extensive and detailed design elements like column, arches, brackets and mouldings. 

3. Use of materials:

Architects in Delhi and other major cities make use of modern designs in a big way. There are a number of different materials used in modern designs. The most familiar material used is wood. Glass is also used in a big way in these modern interior designs as they help in giving a smooth finishing. Metals like stainless steel is also used in these type of designs. Exposed bricks also holds a considerable space in modern residences and other spaces. 

4. No place for clutter:

You will find that in modern interior design there is not much use of accessories. Like you will not find rugs and pillows or you will not find pots and vases etc. There is less or no use of ornamental accessories like large vases, carved furniture pieces. 

5. Use of neutral colours:

Most of the times the colours used are neutral colours. Black and white are also used in case of modern interior designs. Neutral colours like beige and grey are also a prominent part of modern interior design. Chrome finish is another prominent characteristic of modern residences where you will tend to see exposed chrome finished table or sofa legs ; chrome can also be seen in bathroom fittings.

6. No place for heavy textures:

Simple detailing devoid of any extensive decoration is the key to modern interior design adopted by interior designers. You will find that in modern interior designs there is no use of heavy textures. It is a combination of clean smooth lines. Whether it is shape of furniture or shape of the room you will find that there is no additional detailing involved. 

7. Modern Cabinetry

Interior designers opt in for simple, straight and sleep cupboards for bedrooms and cabinetries for kitchen or office spaces as well. The cladding finishes have a smooth surface and texture. Its a complete eye catching sight. Simplicity is highlighted with cove lighting under the cabinets or lights inside the cupboard. 

8. Lighting 

Lighting is an important consideration adopted by interior designers and architects when it comes to designing a modern interior space. It’s the key to illuminating the open clean spaces. 

- Anil Bhatia

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