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Balcony Garden Decor Tips and Ideas

Not having a huge terrace space this should not stop you from having a green space in your house. You can fully utilise your balconies to create that very own green paradise for yourself. According to expert terrace garden designers a balcony can be given a cute yet interesting makeover irrespective of the space available. A balcony garden is definitely more than placing a few green plants. Here are a few balcony garden decor tips that you can choose from. 

1. Space layout and planning 

This is the first and foremost requirement of planning or designing any space. According to expert terrace garden designers its important to have layout of the balcony on paper. This will help you analysing the available space along with the various garden elements that can be incorporated in the balcony.

2. Space Constraints? Coffee Table is the answer 

If you cannot bring a dining table in your balcony but that does not mean you can not opt for an alternative, a small coffee table, and a chair or two so that you can sip a coffee and read your favourite book outdoors. 

3. Outdoor Garden Furniture

Balconies have a space restrictions thus not many pieces of outdoor furniture can be used. However, a swing, chair swing, hammock are a few options that can be incorporated. If you have a relatively bigger space then chairs with a small chair in the center can be an ideal outdoor sitting option.

4. Dinning Table for perfect outdoors 

How about a balcony with a dinning table for the perfect morning breakfast or a family dinner. Isnt this an interesting idea for a balcony decor?

5. Vertical Garden / Vertical Landscaping 

Vertical landscaping is expanding in the arena of landscaping and terrace designing. It lets you highlight your balcony without taking any floor space. So you have the floor space to explore all that you want to plus you also have a green space in your balcony. Once can opt for both artificial and real vertical landscaping.

6. Explore flooring 

Even if the space is small still raised decks can be created in the corner along with a strip of artificial grass or even real grass. Artificial grass gives the look of real grass and is maintenance free. Outdoor flooring can be explored in more than one way.

7. Pebble Garden

Pebble flooring gives an authentic outdoor appeal to your balcony. Create a small corner with pebble flooring which will look exciting and attractive 

8. Outdoor Garden Accessories 

Accessorise your garden with various garden products and decor elements like funky colourful upholstery for the furniture, a lantern hanging in the corners, a mini table with a candle stands or a painting on the wall. Garden sculptures can be used as a garden decor element.

9. Hanging Planters

Hanging planters that cling on to the balcony railings are apt for the balconies as they don't take up the floor space.

10. Outdoor Lighting

According to experienced architects and landscape designers outdoor lighting is one of the most important garden decor element. Outdoors need to be fully lit up so that you can enjoy the space post sunset. Planning for appropriate lighting is an essential requirement.

- Chirag Bhatia

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