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Cozy Bedroom Decor Ideas for Newly-Wed Couple

A cozy and comfortable bedroom is one of the major aspects that newlywed couples look forward to. Therefore, designing it is an art and good news is that you do not require a lot of money.

Some thoughtful steps can serve a great bedroom. The newlyweds can apply these tips and imagination to make their bedroom romantic on a limited budget.

Creating the base:

To make personal bedroom more soothing and peaceful, start with the colors and accessories. There are different shades available in the market - from light pastels to deep toned ones. It depends on one's choice, what they want on their walls during their intimate moments. Normally bedrooms are supposed to be spacious. However, if space is an issue, then neutral white color

would look more comprehensive. A lady would like the pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom so try some refreshing room fresheners, colorful flowerpots, show piece, or some decorative wall claddings to add that extra charm to the room.

False ceiling:

With the current global warming scenario, a false ceiling is the most in-thing these days. It not only helps in avoiding and reducing the heat, but also looks very attractive if done with a proper planning and light fitments. However, it will require some budget. If you can invest, then your bedroom would be a precious example of the modern architectural culture.


What is the most important area of one's bedroom? The simple answer is the bed. Therefore, one must invest in the bed first. It should be stylish and reliable so that you can feel more comfortable. It can be either the extensively used and cost effective wrought iron, or the simple traditional wood. The modern designers use headboards and under boxes to provide that extra storage on normal beds. It will change the entire look and feel of the room. A nice picture over the headboard on the wall will give an additional artistic look to the whole atmosphere.

How an inexperienced person can make their plan?

  •          First, draw the pictures of the way that one wants to see in their bedroom.

  •          Then, find the items that could be used.

  •          Next, see the online rates and then the offline rates. Buy after comparing both the available options.

  •          Next, install the bed, storage unit, light, fan or cooler and other mandatory things.

  •          Next, observe the visual with a cool head.

·         And at last, if any addition would create a hazard, then avoid. If one thinks that an accessory can improve the get-up, then add that or leave it.

- Team Find Me Decor

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