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Easy Kitchen Vastu Tips to Follow

According to the Vastu Shastra, kitchen holds an utmost important part in your home because it represents -œFire-.  Just like when an element -œfire- goes out of control, it can obliterate everything and anything which comes in its way. Thus, you need to control the environment by taking proper care of kitchen direction, kitchen windows and doors placements, location of electronic gadgets, gas cylinder and also the sink.

Here is the list of Easy Vastu Tips to enhance the aura of your kitchen -

  • The location of your kitchen should ideally be in the south-east direction because East quadrant brings in the prosperity. Evade north quadrant as it can negatively affect the health of female members in your family.

  • The stove should always be kept in the south-east direction, a few inches away from the wall for good health. Avoid cooking facing towards the south as it can cause monitory issues in the family. Moreover, make sure there is no shelf above the cooking gas.

  • For peace and prosperity, give the first thing you made in the kitchen as a sacred offering to fire.

  • As per Vastu, the best paint colors for kitchen are yellow, orange, brown and red.

  • Always keep your kitchen platform clean.

  • The -œL- shaped platform is always preferable as it helps in keeping your electronic gadgets such as microwave ovens, mixer/grinder properly.

  • As we know kitchen is a fire element and the wash-basin or sink in the kitchen signifies flowing water. Opposite elements repel each other and bring in the negative energy. Thus, it is always advisable to set up the sink in the North-East direction to avoid any ill effects.

  • Do not keep Home Mandir directly above the gas stove/burner.

  • When it comes to kitchen flooring, opt for ceramic tiles, marbles or mosaic. They are feasible option for Indians because they are hard and resistant to scratches.

Kitchen Vastu helps in keeping the positive energy flowing in the room. If the above tips are applied successfully, it will definitely attract good health and happiness in your family.

- Team Find Me Decor

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