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Living Room Vastu Tips - Bring Home Wealth and Prosperity

A Living Room can also be called as a sitting room or a family room. Most people try to enliven this space in the most ideal way to attain warmness and cozy feeling. Moreover, this room has capability to fulfil two purposes of the home owners - socializing and entertaining the guests/friends/relatives as well as spending private and quality time with family members here. In a way, living room is the heart of your home.

Also, in most houses, the entrance door is in/near the main room from where positive and negative energies keep flowing.  This is the major reason you need to take help of the Vastu Shastra to attract wealth, happiness and prosperity easily.

Read on this article to understand the Vastu errors and solutions to fix them when designing a living room -


  • It is prudent to place heavy furniture in south or west direction. However, in case of no option, you can utilize a base of 1-3 inches height to keep furniture in North or North-East direction.

  • Make sure the shape of your furniture is in rectangular or square. Circular, oval or any other odd shapes should be avoided.

  • Avoid cluttered sofa arrangements as it can create tensions and stress in the family.

Television and Air Conditioner:

  • Observe the position of your television in the living room. The recommended Vastu location for TV is North or East. If placed in South-East corner, it will kill a lot of precious time of family members by sitting idle.

  • When it comes to set an air conditioner in the sitting room, always prefer East, West or North-West directions.

Aquarium and Fountains:

  • There is an immense significance of placing beautiful and entrancing fish aquariums in the lounge room. They act as a rectification for several vastu defects. If you are able to locate the correct place for these aquariums, they will definitely bring peace and harmony in your life. North, East and North-East directions are highly recommended.

  • If you are planning to place an indoor water fountain in your living room, be certain to keep the water flowing towards the entrance of your house.  The recommended Vastu directions are South-East and North-West. Use the fountains made up of copper, glass, stone or clay. The soothing sound of falling water is always pleasing and relaxing to the ears.

Paint Colors:

  • Hues have the ability to rouse our behaviour, create hallucinations or just set the atmosphere for a house. From quite a long time, Vastu colors have been utilized by interior designers to make the home healthy and beautiful place to live in.

  • As per Vastu, the preferred paint colors for a living room should be white, green, yellow or blue. They help in making the room brighter and bigger. Red and Black colors should be avoided.


  • Right illumination in the house can impact the harmonious living and prosperity of the people. It uplifts the mood and eliminates the imbalances of the home.

  • When it comes to placements, light fittings should always be situated in the north or east walls. They are considered positive while lighting in the south east corner are unpropitious.

  • Natural lighting like candle light and fire light is alleviating and create relaxing atmosphere.


  • Paintings have an overwhelming effect at home. They can either create positive or negative influence on people. Thus it is advisable to hung pictures that are harmonious and relaxing.

  • The negative sentiments like outrage and aversion should be avoided. Stay away from paintings that portray death, viciousness, dreadful scenes, fights and injured creatures. The reason is simple that they remain in our subconscious mind bringing negativity in us.

  • Make sure you have a photograph of any God in your living room or at the entrance door.

  • The Directions:

Ø  The North Wall works well for paintings of water. It attracts wealth.

Ø  The East wall is great for the picture of the rising sun. You can also hang bright blooms and fruits paintings here.

Ø  The South and West walls can have creative sketches of high rise mountains which signify strength.

Each part of your house has ability to provide some sort of energy to the family members. Thus, follow the Vastu guidelines accurately to bring peace and prosperity in home.

- Team Find Me Decor

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