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Make your Home Holi Ready !

Holi – the festival of color is just around the corner! While most of us will be busy thinking about the clothes, celebration ideas and party venues, do not forget to decorate your home. During this festival, when relatives and friends visit our house, we greet them with yummy foods like Gujhias, Puran Polis & Thandai ! But is your home ready to invite them all?

Well, we are here with some exciting home decoration ideas that will make a bold style statement.

Deck up your Entrance:

Holi is a colorful festival, so you cannot think anything dull and bleak. A lively interior can add to the vibrancy of the festival around.

Decking up your entrance with colorful Dupattas, Balloons or Genda Garland will bring that Desi touch to your home. Also, do not forget the attractive Rangoli which will change the entire ambiance in a flurry.

Brighter Living Rooms:

Let your bedroom area look special by giving your living room a vivacious makeover. After all the bright colors symbolizes the positive vibes and matches the spirit of festival perfectly.

You can –

  • Include colorful wall hangings.
  • Get bright and printed pillow covers.
  • Decorate every corner of the house with beautiful flowers.
  • Accentuate the room with radiant curtains and drapes.
  • Place bright rugs.

A lot of color and vibrancy in a living room will create the right temper for the festival.

Enliven the Bedroom Ambiance:

Good news! Banish the darkness from the bedroom without digging dip into your pocket by following these simple tips.

  • Lights play an important role to any home decor. Illuminate your bedroom with bright aromatic candles that ring in the festive vibe.
  • Update the bed sheets and pillow covers with bright printed colors for fresh feel.
  • Place flower petals in a brightly printed crystal bowls on your side tables/dressing tables.
  • Color mottled curtains can uplift the home interiors and gives a dramatic touch to your bedroom.

Interesting Kitchen Decor:

While we must be busy preparing the delicacies in the kitchen there is very little to do with its decor for Holi. However, a slight change can give your room a transforming character.

You can

  • Hang a colorful pendant light in the center of the kitchen ceiling.
  • Display the bright hued dinner ware sets on the dining table and platforms.

Attractive Bathroom Essentials:

A splash of color can only add to the overall look of your bathroom.

  • Change the monotonous towels to the brighter ones.
  • Decorate the scented soap balls on your bathroom’s counter top.
  • If there is place, you can place the colorful flower vase near the window or wash basin.

All the above tips are simple and can be upgraded in your home easily to add an aura of celebration without straining the budget. Well, after all these get those Water Balloons and Pichkaris ready!

                          FindMeDecor wishes you a Bright, Colorful and Joyful Holi!!!

- Team Find Me Decor

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