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Affordable Way to Revive your Décor This Year

With our busy schedule it is quite difficult to maintain the decor of your home every now and then. But for those who quickly want to spruce up their space in an affordable way, here are our tips to give your plan a jump start.

Layer a Rug:

You cannot ignore the fact that an area rug can freshen up your living room completely! You can simply place it on your tile floor and experience the warmth it brings to the room. The best thing about rugs is that it helps in defining the spaces within your room, even if you’re layering it on top of the carpet. They are an easy and affordable way to add color into a neutral room.

Illumine the Room with Unique Lampshade:

Lighting is an essential factor to change the context of the room. However, an evenly lit room, i.e. from wall to wall can appear dull; instead you can swap your old table lamp with something in a unique shape, material, or color to give the room a classy, rich and well illuminated look.

Add Colors to your Bedding:

Investing in your new bedding is not only the quick and easy way to transform the look of your room but also feeling comfortable and content in your bed could give you a sound sleep. All-white bed linens may be a classic choice for many but dipping your toe into the world of pattern, can create an interesting overall look. Printed pillow cases with colorful quilt can instantly lifts up the room while the bold colored duvet like gold and blue can change the mood completely.

New Accessories on Coffee Table:

Updating your coffee table with new accessories can give an elegant touch to the tired coffee table. Shiny silver, gold or crystal accents like candlesticks, vases, bowls, picture frames adds a stylish touch. Potted greenery, woven baskets, wooden trays and fresh flowers can also be arranged easily to get an earthy feel. Sometimes stacked books and magazines too impart a casual atmosphere. However, do not forget to vary the heights of coffee table accessories to get fresh look every time. If you are confused in selecting the right coffee table for your living room, take a look at How to Choose Center Table for your Living Room.

Interesting Sconce goes a Long Way:

Pair of candle or plug-in sconces make a style statement and also add interest and panache to a plain looking wall. They make your space feel custom and unique. 

Add detail to your Drapes:

Curtains are so much more than just a piece of arbitrary material that keeps the light out and offers privacy. Moreover, like all aspects of interior design, these drapes play a critical part in the overall aesthetics of a given room. Sleek and interesting shape, bold color and frilled lace adds a romantic tinge to a warm, inviting living space.

Refreshing your home decor does not have to be time consuming and expensive. These simple tips can spruce up the space and offer that little oomph factor easily.

- Team Find Me Decor

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