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Tips to bring the Casual Decorating Style to your Rooms

What is Casual Style?

For people who enjoy an easy-living lifestyle, casual theme is just for you! As the name suggests, casual style is cozy, comfortable and inviting. It contains the interiors that are more functional than decorative. The rooms have simple details, elements are rectangular or softly curved, fabrics and accessories are textured, surfaces are low-luster, and layouts which are not symmetrical.

How to go Casual?

Below are the few tips if you desire to decorate your home in a casual theme:

  • Plush upholstery, often slip covered, with roll or square arms go well in a casual home.
  • Majorly, neutral colors such as tan, grey, off-white or beige are used for relaxing atmosphere. However, if you want to prep up the look of your home, use navy, olive or wine red colors for that punch.
  • Do not use shiny fabrics on furniture; rather neutral color scheme with rich textures can overhaul the interiors completely. Natural fibers like cotton, linen, flax and wool not only adds durability but also offers that natural look to the space.
    • Furniture pieces are most popularly made from light woods – oak and pine. They can be painted with a flat, low luster varnish to protect the grain.
    • Add ruffles, ribbons, pleats or button with contrasting colors on the upholstered pieces.
    • You can place iron, wicker and rattan furniture pieces in your living room to complete the casual look. Also, the collections of treasured or found items are often arranged on bookshelf or corner table top.
    • Opt for antique brass, wrought iron, carved wood or porcelain for the hardware on doors and drawers.

      • Using shutters, blinds or shades are recommended for window coverings. They control light as well as give privacy to the family whenever required. For beautification, drapery panels can be hanged at the sides. Remember - details has to be simple and comfortable.
      • When it comes to flooring, you can style your room with hardwood, tile, viny or stone. Choose area rugs with large geometrical lines to add the oomph factor.
      • Lighting fixtures can be stylish such as antique chandeliers or covered lampshades made up from iron or wood.
      • Accessories in casual themed home include lots of pillows and cushion to give a comfortable feeling and candlesticks as well as flowers for fresh aroma.

      To be successful with this style, you need to decorate in a way that it is both easy to maintain and comfortable to live in. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some of them into your home regardless of the underlying theme.

      - Team Find Me Decor

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