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Smart Tips to Design a Beautiful and Functional Home Office

A home office doesn’t necessarily have to be a separate flat. Even a single room in your home can be transformed into a great workstation. So, here are smart tips for creating a beautiful and functional home office.

1. Choose the Right Spot:

You are likely to spend most hours in your home office, so don't stiff in a congested space. Pick a big room or probably the biggest one in your house. Also it has to be somewhere, where there is least distraction.

2. Furniture Assortment:

Firstly, understand your need accurately. Consider style as well as overall functionality of the furniture that you will choose.

  • The desk that is oversize and sturdy will look professional.
  • Invest in a good quality and comfortable chair. Ergonomic office chairs are inexpensive and go well with the modern, computer-bound lifestyles.
  • Storage systems are best ways to have a neat and clutter free office. Add built-in shelves and drawers to arrange and keep track of staples like pens, pencils, highlighters, tape and calculators. 

3. Energizing Colors:

    Paint the room colors that will energize you to maximize productivity. From bright color like orange or lime green to calming shades like off white or sea blue, select the colors that will affect your mood in a positive way. Also think about placing unique pencil cups, paper trays and magazine holders to add color and pattern to your workstation.

    4. Master your Technology:

    Now this one is quiet tricky. You do not have much to beautify the computer, printer, and phone. However, one thing that you can do to hide those unsightly cords is by keeping the equipment near outlets. You can also cover cords on the desk in a pretty fabric cord cover.

    5. Let there be Light:

    An office with sufficient amount of light will certainly cut down on eye strain and headaches. Always keep your computer monitor in such a way that there is no glare from a window or overhead light. If possible place a small lamp on the desk for task lighting.

    6. Inspire yourself:

    It is never just about the furniture and fittings – it is also about the holistic assessment of your working environment in order to create a perfect office. Keep a piece of framed art on wall, any idol or a photo of your friends or family on your desk to remind you that you're doing it all for them.

    It’s scientifically proven that environment has a significant impact on mood and productivity. Take the time to create a space that works for you—an organized, well-functioning home office that is also a pleasant place to be will make all the difference. So, have an effective space planning to keep yourself happy and motivated. Make the best use of your office space to provide areas suited to both - work and leisure. 

    - Team Find Me Decor

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