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Choose the Right Paint Color for your Office

Colors are one of the important factors in interior designing. They are extremely powerful and not only transform the room but also uplift the mood instantly. There are majorly two types of colors tones - Warm and Cool. Warm colors can energize a space and gives an adrenaline rush; whereas cool colors can infuse peaceful and soothing environment within the space.

So, when it comes to choose the right color for an office you need to think about certain circumstances such as the type of mood you want, what kind of work is going to be done there, and what kind of people will be working there.

Here are some of the great color ideas and how they impact us:

  • Blue for Mind – The color blue promotes the feeling of trust and communication. Moreover, it helps in keeping the blood pressure under control during any inevitable disagreements. Thus, professionals who deal with mind a lot should opt for blue color in offices. A splash of orange to the blue wall paint can add character to an otherwise plain space.
  • Yellow for Emotions – Color psychologists often view yellow as the shade of optimism and energy. It stimulates the ego and spirits. Moreover, it is believed to trigger innovation. Thus this color is ideal for creative professionals such as writers, designers and developers work.
  • Green for Balance – The color green is soothing. It brings security, growth and money. This color is often used in corporate businesses to indicate wealth and prestige.
      • Red for physical strength – Since red color stimulates your body physically, it can work best in gyms or offices where contractors and builders work or meet clients. It can also be painted where people work at night because it increases brain wave activity.

      Points to remember –

      • No office paint color is wrong; it is how you use them.
      • Before choosing any color make sure you have an idea on which part you want the colors to impact: Mind/emotions/balance/physical strength.
      • Colors work best when merged with other balanced colors.

      These are few office paint color tips to boost the morale of your employees and eventually improve your sales.

- Team Find Me Decor

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