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Common Interior Designing Mistakes to Avoid

Updating your home decor with simple tips and tricks (Affordable Way To Revive Your Decor This Year) can make a huge difference in the way you feel at home. However, be careful with the common decorating traps! So, before you plan to jazz up your existing space, take a look at this article which highlights the styling errors to avoid.

1. Picking Under-Sized Furniture:

One of the most common mistakes that people make while decorating a small room is to think about tiny furniture. Well, it is definitely because they don't want to overwhelm the space. But contrary to what many believe, furniture that is too small can make the room look even smaller.

Work with standard size pieces and use minimalist of them instead. Also a clutter free home gives you the space to breathe in easily.

2. Get Some Lights Please! :

Indeed, even the most attractive of rooms can be impeded by awful lighting. So, if you desire to make your space welcoming, do load it with delicate layers of complimenting lighting. Use crystal fixture, floor light or a chandelier to make it a bold statement.

Nevertheless, if there is no chance to fix many fixtures in your room, use mirrors instead. If well-placed, they make room for natural lighting, augment vision, open up a small space and add oomph to decor.

3. Use Large Area Rugs:

The large area rugs are not only comfortable and cozy but also add a splash of color to your home without breaking the bank. They certainly define the mood or character of a room. However, the benefits of area rugs extend far beyond style. While transforming the space, they significantly decrease the noise, give warmth during winters, offer comfort while walking and helps a space feel grounded. Check this blog on how to select the natural fiber rugs - Natural Fiber Rugs – A Beginner’s Guide.

4. Hang the Artwork/ Frames/ Photos Accurately:

Art/frames/photos hung the wrong way on a wall can be terribly distracting. It might affect the rooms’ proportions and will create an uncomfortable feeling in the room.

So what is the right height to hang wall decor? Well, it should be displayed at eye level – approximately 60 to 65 inches from the floor to the center of the art is a place to start.

5. Min N’ Match:

You might be thinking to give your room a stylish appearance by using the patterns that are matching throughout. Unfortunately, this decorating tip might look tacky and boring.

So, what is the solution? Well, you can opt for mixing prints and patterns that certainly brings excitement to any room. For example you can use first large floral pattern while second can be plaid or geometric shape that has the same colors as floral. These co-ordinating styling will give your home a look that you desire for.

These points are general mistakes that people make while decorating their space. However, interior design isn't the easiest thing to get right. You need to have an eye for detail. This is where professional interior designers come in to scenario. You can check to get in touch with the best designers in your city.

- Team Find Me Decor

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