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Plants to Keep in your House as per Vastu

Vastu Shastra is an age old traditional Hindu science of architecture that is utilized to bring positivity, good fortunes and satisfaction. People who believe in Vastu do follow the tips to beautify their home accordingly and the same is pertinent to plants in your home as well. It is believed that setting live plants inside house can balance the flow of energy. However, it is important to select appropriate plants because if they don’t comply with the principles of Vastu and are placed in the wrong direction, it could have an adverse impact on the inhabitants of the house.

So, let’s take a look on the following tips about which plants you should keep and which plants should be avoided at home.

Good Luck Plants -

1. Tulsi or Basil: Tulsi is a holy plant in the Hindu households and is worship regularly to bring prosperity. It is extensively used in Ayurveda medicines to treat many types of diseases. Also, it is the only one which can emit oxygen 24×7. As per vastu, if you are keeping Tulsi in your home make sure it is in North, Northeast or East direction.

*If there is any Vastu-dosh, this plant never grows in its natural form.

2. Money Plant: This plant is considered very lucky and there is a belief that money plant leads to a rise in the wealth as well as income. It should be placed in either the north or east direction.

3. Bamboo Plants: Bamboo plants are believed to bring good luck and protect the inmates of the house against the evil powers. Stalks of bamboo, popularly known as Lucky Bamboo is suitable for household or office use. Growth and health of this plant is associated with good luck and wealth. Place this plant in East or South East direction.

4. Flowering Plants: Flowering plants such as Rose, Marigold or Jasmine emanate positive energy in the house. They can be planted in the South-West direction.

Plants to be avoided in House -

1. Cactus: Cactus or related thorny plants (except for rose) should be evaded keeping in the house.

2. Bonsai: According to Vastu, bonsai trees should not be kept inside the house. However, you may keep them in an open space or garden.

3. Dead Plants: Never keep dead plants at home. They bring bad luck.

4. Potted Plants: Avoid keeping potted plants in the North and East direction in the home.

Plants are wonderful companions and bring happiness in your home. So raise the positivity bar and enjoy your life amidst nature!

- Team Find Me Decor

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