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Inexpensive Ways to Get Luxurious Hotel Style Bathroom at Home

There is nothing more luxurious and elegant than a hotel-style bathroom.

Trendy, chic and lavish, the high-end bathrooms are the ultimate design choice for adding a touch of contemporary charm to your home.  So if you desire to re-create this look, check out our affordable ideas below –

1. Good Quality Towel Sets are Must

5 star hotels are well known in pampering their visitors with the finest quality of everything and it starts with rich and soft bath linens. To experience that opulent feeling at home, purchase fluffy, oversized bath sheets. While numerous hotels use white colors, you can choose luxe linens in calming greens and blues. It will jazz up the washroom instantly.

2. Install Large Mirrors

While your bathroom must be not as big as the 5 star hotels but setting up large mirrors than usual will reflect light and give impression of space. Also these mirrors should be cleaned on a regular basis for that shiny effect. Indeed, they are lovely to see and feel totally luxurious.

3. Use Shower Curtains

Apart from protecting your bathroom from water splashing, a shower curtain can do wonders with its appearance. The quality, style and beauty of the shower curtains can be the perfect

 addition to the royal decor of your bathroom interior. Select satin, silk or polyester fabrics to create the majestic opulence. When it comes to colors, opt for natural hues like chocolate, olive or pale yellow which adds rich sophistication.

4. Display Toiletries with Care

Until now you must have understood that swanky hotels always use visually beautiful amenities to give relaxing feeling to their guests. So go ahead and treat yourself to luxurious bath products kept on a designer amenity tray. From aromatic bath foams, exfoliating tea soaps and spa-quality shampoos should be displayed and arranged it with care.

5. Illuminate your Bathroom Correctly

Most of the time the bathroom lightings are overlooked which eventually makes a big impact on the overall appearance of the interiors. These lightings are usually the matter of personal taste and comfort. It has to be quite bright so that you can perform your daily chores such as shaving, washing and cleaning properly. Task lighting or decorative lighting is perfect choice to illuminate the bathroom correctly.

There is nothing more pleasant than having a hotel-style bathroom in your home. With all the above inexpensive tips, start gearing up to transform it into a cosy haven.

- Team Find Me Decor

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