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Devanshi Prabhu Architects is a young Architectural firm providing turn key Interiors Design for Residential & Commercial premises. Qualified Architect from L.S.Raheja School Of Architecture, Devanshi Prabhu has been in the profession of Interior Design for the last 16 years. With her hard core and vast knowledge in the field of construction for more than one and a half decade, Devanshi has used her know how for providing professional PMC of Interiors to developers for Multistore residential projects and common amenities for residential and commercial buildings and private residences. Together with her clients, she develops designs and thinks solutions, which are always part of the whole and yet something absolutely unique. In dialogue with the client, the clients taste, lifestyle and requirements are taken into consideration and individual concepts are created. Thus, spaces obtain their own identity, which is expressed in their individual design, look and feel. The result is perfectly tailored for the user. By reducing to the essential and emphasizing exquisite details, she creates unique and sustainable ambiences.

2 Reviews

Review by Anjali Akhoury
it looks luxurious.. specially the furnishing and the portraits on the wall makes it completely classy..

Review by Anjali Akhoury
it looks perfect.

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