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  • Aneel Porbanderwala

  • Interior Designer

  • Studio Vibes

  • Mumbai

About us

At Studio Vibes we create environments that allow you to fulfil your purpose in those spaces. We believe that your space permeates you. Our purpose is to create spaces that permeate love and peace into your being. Design concepts are arrived at intuitively according to what the energy of the space demands. There is no reference point for the concepts, hence each space is one of its kind. We offer complete end to end services covering the entire gamut of interior spaces within the shortest time frame possible. All tangible services such as concept design, design development with appropriate visual representations, recommended material application, material sourcing and procurement, estimation, labour contractor coordination and effective execution are all taken care of with one point reference for the client. OUR PHILOSOPHY We all have a breakout space that we love to be in. A space that we want to run to and be in to feel at peace. It is the space the soul feels connected in. What if every space in your environment could be this space. You won't need to run because you are already 'there'. What your soul seeks would be right there.  Our vision is to see every human being in a built environment that gives them comfort and joy, while fuelling their growth. Our mission is to reach out to people through our design and build services to make their journey joyous and meaningful. In doing so, we wish to create a community of skilled workers that are able to uphold a sustainable livelihood and grow in an organisation that values passionately acquired skills and human dignity.

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