interior designer, interior decorater
  • Taher Ali Raotiwala

  • Architect

  • effusion designs pvt. ltd.

  • Mumbai


Effusion designs are complete In-house solutions for Turnkey Design Build Projects. From designers to the carpenter, we are a collection of people who share a passion of building beautiful things- a physical space that goes beyond bricks and mortar. And its unique relationship that allows us to create your functional space. Effusion designs are organized around a highly collaborative studio leadership model, reflecting its core values and working style. Designers work in concert with other colleagues to achieve goals related to project quality and process. We play a major leadership role by orchestrating the work of project teams focused on design, development, and delivery of outstanding solutions. We involve ourselves with projects from the initial marketing stages through completion of construction and installation. During the life of a project, we work directly with the client, team members, and a wide range of consultants and collaborators, both internal and external, and try to build sustaining client relationship.

2 Reviews

Review by Gautam Jaiswal
Beautiful flooring and lighting designs.

Review by Manisha Shigwan
You have created very innovative designs. Good Work Mr. Taher.

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