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  • Abdul Karim Saifee

  • Interior Designer

  • Amico Outline Pvt Ltd

  • Mumbai


Amico Outline is a multidisciplinary company creative and technical staff is grouped in teams that follow projects all the way through from concept to completion. Each team comprises of team leaders and team members with expertise in various aspects like project management, visualization, design development etc. We are enhancing more premium & economic modern Interior designing & Turnkey services. AMICO OUTLINE is formed with zeal to provide better interior environment and our aim is to deliver best designs to all of its reputed clients." We are team of Architects & Interior designers came together in under one roof for outstanding delivery to achieve higher end results in Interior Designs. VISION Amico Outline believes good design is produces from careful study and research. Attention to detail, proportion and scale together, with ensure of finished product fully develop the potential within the concept. Amico Outline offers integrated design source for the builts environment, interior lighting, furniture design and space design. MISSION Amico Outline will complete all your thoughts as our goal of achievment and also to create a world class design and build.

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