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  • Rahul Aggarwal

  • Interior Designer

  • Metro India Ltd.

  • New Delhi


Quality Policy We, at MIL are totally committed to attain and maintain the Highest Quality Standards. We shall constantly strive to meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers by: ·         Designing, Developing and Delivering High Quality Services and Products to laid down specifications, both internal and those specified by our customers. ·         Using the latest technologies, well documented procedures and work methodologies. ·         Constantly upgrading the skills and quality of our vendors and sub-contractors. ·         Well trained and motivated employees, who have zeal in their performance. ·         The implementation of this policy shall be the responsibility of every individual in our Group.   Philosophy & Mission MIL operates with the philosophy of “Being First and Best” in its work domain and related practices. This is a result of deep sense of commitment to its work and an insatiable desire to scale new peaks. All this while adhering to highest standard of trade and HR practices and ethics system. We shall make our customers take pride in ownership of our services and ensure that MIL becomes their first choice for repeat business.

2 Reviews

Review by Anjali Akhoury
Nice Arrangement for things & Cloths

Review by Manisha Shigwan
Nice Colorful Project for kids

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